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Conversion of SIMON MDS – weighing system to Sartorius BATCH – X5

The set used for converting a SIMON MDS system to Sartorius BATCH – X5 system is designed in a way that only a load cell cable needs to be disconnected and be wired to BATCH-X5 unit. All other connections are PIN compatible to the SIMON-MDS system.

All signals for e.g. recipe start, recipe number etc. are wired internal via digital input connector.
At the connector relay card signals are available as they are used on Messrs. Simon´s relay card.
As a standard the exchange system is designed for a MDS system with one weighing point for a maximum of 10 components and an agitator with one speed in the weighing unit.

You can operate the weighing unit either via the existing recipe selector switch and starter or via the sealed keypad of BATCH-X5.
You can as well establish a connection to a PC operated recipe and quantity management system. In this case the recipes are keyed in at the PC. The user then retrieves the recipes cleared for the respective dosing station at the BATCH-X5 unit and starts them. Consumed quantities and incidents are stored in the ACCESS data base of the PC and can there be processed for further use (e.g. SAP link-up).
The weighing process requires the following dosing funcions:
- dosing of liquid components, principally coarse stream
- dosing of sugar in coarse and fine stream
- starting the agitator during the dosing process of the coarse stream, e.g. to blend in crystalline components
- starting the agitator for blending as mixing time
- with filled storage container: permanent operation of the agitator during standby period before receiving the discharge signal
- with filled storage container: intermittent operation of the agitator during standby period before receiving the discharge signal

Batch X5 Front new

SIMON MDS Front old

Batch X5 Back new

SIMON MDS Back old
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