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BATCH-X5 applications

Here you find some applications for the BATCH-X5

1. The basic functions of a multi component dosing system is dosing serveral components into a weighing vessel. This application shows a stand-alone-system.

2. Additional to the basic function of dosing liquid or cristal components into a weighing vessels this applcation shows you a precooker. Herewith a sugar solution can be produced. In that case the weighing controller is linked to a PLC taking over control function for the plant. The consumption is stored in an ACCESS data base of the PC as well as the dissolving temperature.

3. This applications shows a plant with tree weighing points. Due to using the SARTORIUS – system structure in combination with the standard ANSI/ISO S88.1 phase model this system enables full flexibility in use. All process functions are programmed as a phase. This enables using functions e.g. cooking temperature, vaccum pressure, beating pressure, etc. as programm step in a recipe.

You are welcome to download the following german flyer.

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